Name a Gene or Chromosome of Any Available Species in Honor of Anyone, Including Yourself

You deserve to be famous and have your name recognized. Naming a gene or chromosome in honor of yourself is your quick, and affordable, way to accomplish this.  And, The Genome Registry is here to help you.

Many famous people have entire species named after them.  Musician and former Beatle, Paul McCartney has a rose named after him.  Actress Angelina Jolie has a spider named after her.  Microsoft tech and business mogul Bill Gates has a fly named after him.  So, why shouldn’t you have a gene or chromosome named after yourself?

Why let them have all the fun? It’s your right to create a positive lasting legacy.  No matter what your profession or hobby, don’t delay.  Act now.  And, have The Genome Registry name a gene or chromosome after you.

DNA WomanThe Genome Registry is pleased to be the global repository for genomic pseudonyms.

The process involves review and assignment by a noted biologist who registers these pseudonyms (nicknames) in our classified database.

$39 gene pseudonyms
$99 chromosome pseudonyms

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Genome Certificate with Seal Framed (9-6-2013)

Receive authentic documentation that is suitable for framing.

The Genome Registry material that will be sent to you when you register to name a part of the genome includes a letter of acknowledgment from our Registrar, a visual representation of the genomic sequence, and a beautiful certificate of registration.

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The perfect gift for those who are sentimental, romantic, scientific, and educated.

Since the genome contains the entirety of an organism’s hereditary information, it is also a perfect gift for those interested in ancestry, heredity, and genetics.

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Support scientific research and wildlife preservation by giving a nickname to a gene or chromosome.

Order NowA portion of every registration is donated to a scientific research or wildlife preservation society.


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